Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday etsy finds

I'm feeling lucky its Friday, so I thought I would post these witty little wish bones by one of my favorite etsy shops somethingshidinghere...

And some darling Fox and Hare Mini Bowls by FoxAndClover

A cozy Fitted Slouch Shoulder Top by lamixx...

A decadent little Happy Birthday Fairy Cake Felt Food Sculpture by britishcreamtea...

A gorgeous Wedding Vintage Slipdress by ktjean

And a lovely tattered organza silk bolero to match by englishdept.

And wouldn't this wedding outfit look beautiful with this romantic Sparkle Philosophy necklace by florabond...

And since I seem to have weddings on my mind this Friday, I will end with a darling image that I adore of Kissing Woodpeckers in a pastel print by Jeffrey Richter

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Featured Seller

Little Robot is an etsy store that boasts the most enchanting and whimsical prints. I adore the The King and Queen - Set of 2 prints with a little mose king anda humming bird queen.

Little Robot also makes little magical paper theaters ... well as papperdolls and playful prints.

A Cage for Two - Print
Natural Dark - Print 

Animal Intelligence

This is an amazing clip of a charming talking parrot named Einstein, that says a lot about animal intelligence.