Monday, January 25, 2010

January Etsy Wish List

Here are some of my

favorite finds for January:

Campfire by groundwork

Cutest artist craft vintage blouse smock pockets from lethilogica

Custom Mugs by BROOKLYNrehab

place setting by gleenashop

Elka Tree Print by Marmas

Justin Lacer Boots from TopsyDesign

Steamer Trunk from TopsyDesign

Kimono Bag A by AnnaLela

Witaka Eye by brownrose

Plein Air Portrait

I just stumbled across an old interview I had with Scout Magazine in the fall and thought I would post it here. When they asked for a picture of me for the interview, I panicked as I realized I didn't have an appropriate portrait of myself. So I went into the back yard and held an old framed print of a landscape behind me and had my boyfriend take some shots. The lighting worked out perfectly, as it was an overcast cloudy day in vancouver (per usual) so the light was diffused. I was so surprised that it looked like a studio shot. If you want to try this method, make sure to use a long lens, ( a 90mm or longer) as shorter lenses distort the photo. I think the most common portraiture mistake comes from the photographer shooting too close to the subject with a short lens.

A Tea Party From The High North

I was recently included in this lovely treasury titled Tea Party. It was created by ELINE OFTEDAL and can be found on her lovely blog From The High North.