Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Etsy Finds

Here are my Friday etsy finds.  A gorgeous top by hollystadler.

  Some darling nest fabric by pippijoe.

And a lovely papper doll titled Cordial Creatures by Wool and Water.
I was delighted to find myself in a treasury today, composed of one of my favorite color schemes.
I just love the little Nesting eggs on the bottom right by florspacehome.

Peter and The Wolf

Since I have wolves on my mind I thought I would post this magical clip of Peter and the Wolf. It is one of the most amazing silent films I have ever scene.

Wolves Named Gmork

An earlier post about the Never Ending Story reminded me of how scarred I used to be when the wolf named Gmork comes out of the wall to talk to Atreyu . The scariest part about the wolf is how he talks, his mouth moves so unnaturally that it makes the sceen all the more surreal. It is the same feeling conveyed by taxidermy where something is so off about the facial expressions of animals that it appears as fantasy.  Upon revisiting this scene I was amazed at how arresting the wolfs monolog actually is.

It is no wonder that I used to have re-occurring nightmares as a child about being surrounded by a pack of hungry black wolves. Even though the dream always managed to frighten me, it was also oddly comforting in a way. Fortunately the wolves that I have created in my studio are much friendlier than Gmork.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sweet Wishes

Here is some etsy decadence for you from a Vancouver based etsian called 2 gorditas.  This colorful edible art reminds me of the work of Mark Ryden which I have posted for your dessert.

I find this film short by Mark Ryden to be quite hilarious.  The song in it pops into my head often when I am feeling particularly hyper.

Horse Whisperer

I used to love riding horses on my Grandmother's farm as a child.  Since then I have often daydreamed about having my own horse one day, to go with my perfect little cabin on a lake in the B.C. mountains that is. Until then I decided to make my own horses to keep my dreams company in the studio. I call this tiny little colt the Horse Whisperer.

And this is the Artax pendant.  

Like most of my work this piece ended up with a twist of darkness once it was glazed, and I realized that it reminded me of Artax from the Never Ending story.  It is Particularly reminiscent of the scene where he drowns in the Swamp of Eternal Sadness.  It is still hard for me to watch this scene even to this day, its one of those things that you look back on as an adult and cant believe you were subjected to as a child.  But in hind sight I can see how the scene influenced my love and respect for animals at a young age, by showing me how strong the love between humans and animals can really be.  

Coraline 3D!

I went to the 3D  Coraline movie on Valentines day.  It is my new favorite movie! It was so magical that it made me giggle like a child.  The 3D is so captivating, and the set design is meticulous and enchanting.


I was listed in three amazing treasuries today, and finally figured out how to post them on my blog.  I love the calm whites in Ice and Snow, and the enchanting selection of In The Company of Wolves.

        I also showed up in this wonderful treasury for Vancouver artists.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Big Love for Littlehouses

I just received my very own Rosemont Sweater from little houses the other day.  And yes it is as cozy as it looks, Shana you are a genius.  

Now I'm looking forward to one day owning one of your beautiful coats...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Josh Keyes

Currently one of my favorite artists is a Tacoma based painter Josh Keyes.  Though I admire all of his work, I have decided if given the choice to have one of his paintings I would choose the following image titled:  "Sleeping #1".

The work of Keyes draws upon the illustrative style of scientific text books to dissect and isolate animals within fragments of their environments. 

In a post-apocalyptic  narrative he depicts animals in a setting physically void of humans,  save the remnant debris of their civilization.

For the love of lowbrow...

I absolutely fell in love with the work of San Francisco artist Jenny Alcantara when I first saw her etsy sight and website.

I love the candy coated color pallet of her paintings as well the dreamlike imagery she

This is one of my favorite works by Mark Ryden, an artist on the forefront of the lowbrow scene.

His surrealistic style is a juxtaposition of the saccharine and macabre.  I am in complete awe of his technical aptitude.

Camile Rose Garcia has long been an inspiration of mine both technically and aesthetically.
I love her color pallet and subject matter.  She utilizes  layers of acrylic on wood, often including wallpaper and glitter to depict an illustrative style which is nostalgically reminiscent of dark pre-disney cartoon style.  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What is it about squirrels that tugs at my heart strings so. Perhaps it is a combination of big eyes, little dainty hands and spastic movements.

I guess with these attributes combined, you could go so far as to call them a hairy fairy.  How very Canadiana.

Big Eyes

Ever get the feeling like you are being watched?  This happens to me from time to time in my little studio.  The feeling that there are two big dow eyes watching, waiting...This little presence is a constant inspiration for me.  The culmination of quiet intensity and cuteness...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To Russia with Love...

Other current items of smittenry include squirrels dressed in Russian winter attire...