Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Weekend In Montreal

I have just returned from Montreal. I flew across the country on Friday to spend a weekend with some of my best friends. It was an amazing trip, that went by way too fast and here I am already back in Vancouver again. Though I caught a horrible cold, Shanah convinced me to brave the cold to model her latest top in Old Port.  In return I suggested she name the beautiful sweater after me, its called The Missy.  

The architecture in Montreal was so surreal, it felt as though I was in Europe rather than Canada.  I can't wait to go back.  There were so many quaint little shops, one of my favorites was called Unicorn.

I tried on the most beautiful dress there, and I thought it would be perfect for my wedding, but it was the wrong size. It was made by Eugenia. I also went to a charming little shop called Lustre that had local fashion designs. 

But my favorite shop in all of Montreal was called Fuschia, it is a little cafe style restaurant on 4050 avenue Coloniale, that has a set menu that includes tea and a dessert.  All of there amazing desserts have flowers in them. I bought a bag of Lavender coffee there and some rose petal salt.  The lavender coffee is the best coffee I have ever had.


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

I've never been to Montreal but it sure looks beautiful. Lavender coffee...never tried it but is does sound interesting!

Louise said...

wow it looks beautiful! I'll put Montreal on my list of pretty places to go when I get round to it! x