Sunday, September 6, 2009

I love collaborations...

I was thrilled to receive a message from one of my etsy customers the other day, who wrote to let me know that she had used one of my We're All In This Together Rabbit's Brooches as a center piece for one of her gorgeous beaded necklaces. She included the following photos of her detailed bead work as well as an enchanting poem about the inspiration behind the collaboration of my brooch and its new beaded surroundings. Here is a link to her shop ThePreciousBeads.

Every great so often,
gold and reddened leaves
hang on longer than normal
twisting in a warm breeze.

Indian summer, we call it,
basking in the sun,
but today I must warn
not to have too much fun.

I have a story to tell,
sinister, but true,
about three little bunnies,
frozen in blue.

And how they got there
is quite a yarn
but if you hear out my tale
you may avoid harm:

Three hopping little bunnies,
with black bright eyes
looked for any mischief
they might devise.

Through the golden wood,
they crept farther from home;
way farther, in fact,
than a bunny should roam.

Until they chanced
upon a puddle,
and, peering down,
from their huddle

They saw two eyes,
each a gleaming jewel
glinting at them
from within the pool.

The fish sang, "Come in, come in!
The water's cool,
and it's ever so lonely
by myself in this pool."

A great old frog nearby,
eyes great glowy globes,
croaked, "I must advise!
Go home go home!"

The bunnies ignored him,
with twitching whiskers and a grin,
showing him their tails,
as each then jumped in.

But under a curse
was the evil fish witch
and as thus his preposition
came with a hitch.

With a flip of a fin
and in a flash,
he flopped out of the
water with a splash.

Having prolonged the summer warmth
to lure an innocent soul to his encampment,
the evil witch fish turned into a man,
finally free of his enchantment.

And winter now came,
creeping up whispery
like a snake in the grass
a single icy flurry..

A frosty breeze blew by,
but a wisp,
then the forest was frozen,
cold and crisp.

Enjoy Indian Summer,
but beware,
because three frozen bunnies
are still out there, somewhere.

And it would be wise to keep in mind
that not all fish will be kind.
Things may not be what they appear,
so keep home close when winter's near.

-written by ThePreciousBeads

This piece was created for the Etsy Beadweavers monthly challenge. The theme was "Indian Summer Dreams." You can see other entries in the Etsy Beadweavers Challenge by searching EBWC. To vote for your favorite during the 9th - 15th of September, please go to [link]


ANestWithAView said...

That piece is not to be believed. I love my bear pendant from you. I see how PreciousBeads could not resist...

Kingfisher Farm said...

This is incredible!

Dongedy said...

Amazing work(s) !

Aimée said...

Beautiful! Will you be at any craft/Portabello West shows in Vancouver anytime soon???

poodlebreath said...

Unfortunately, I will not be attending any craft fairs this year as I am in full time studies at UBC until next September. I hope to develop some new work by next fall for winter 2010.