Friday, February 27, 2009

Wolves Named Gmork

An earlier post about the Never Ending Story reminded me of how scarred I used to be when the wolf named Gmork comes out of the wall to talk to Atreyu . The scariest part about the wolf is how he talks, his mouth moves so unnaturally that it makes the sceen all the more surreal. It is the same feeling conveyed by taxidermy where something is so off about the facial expressions of animals that it appears as fantasy.  Upon revisiting this scene I was amazed at how arresting the wolfs monolog actually is.

It is no wonder that I used to have re-occurring nightmares as a child about being surrounded by a pack of hungry black wolves. Even though the dream always managed to frighten me, it was also oddly comforting in a way. Fortunately the wolves that I have created in my studio are much friendlier than Gmork.

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