Thursday, February 26, 2009

Horse Whisperer

I used to love riding horses on my Grandmother's farm as a child.  Since then I have often daydreamed about having my own horse one day, to go with my perfect little cabin on a lake in the B.C. mountains that is. Until then I decided to make my own horses to keep my dreams company in the studio. I call this tiny little colt the Horse Whisperer.

And this is the Artax pendant.  

Like most of my work this piece ended up with a twist of darkness once it was glazed, and I realized that it reminded me of Artax from the Never Ending story.  It is Particularly reminiscent of the scene where he drowns in the Swamp of Eternal Sadness.  It is still hard for me to watch this scene even to this day, its one of those things that you look back on as an adult and cant believe you were subjected to as a child.  But in hind sight I can see how the scene influenced my love and respect for animals at a young age, by showing me how strong the love between humans and animals can really be.  

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