Friday, February 13, 2009

For the love of lowbrow...

I absolutely fell in love with the work of San Francisco artist Jenny Alcantara when I first saw her etsy sight and website.

I love the candy coated color pallet of her paintings as well the dreamlike imagery she

This is one of my favorite works by Mark Ryden, an artist on the forefront of the lowbrow scene.

His surrealistic style is a juxtaposition of the saccharine and macabre.  I am in complete awe of his technical aptitude.

Camile Rose Garcia has long been an inspiration of mine both technically and aesthetically.
I love her color pallet and subject matter.  She utilizes  layers of acrylic on wood, often including wallpaper and glitter to depict an illustrative style which is nostalgically reminiscent of dark pre-disney cartoon style.  

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